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Golf had been played over the links at Prestwick for many years before the Club was formally organized in 1851. Prestwick is famous as the initial originator and sponsor of The Open Golf Championship, the oldest of golf's four major championships. There are several sand dunes in the centre of the course. The tallest of the three is Pow Hill, the next tallest is The Queens Jack, and the third tallest is Cearcevlock Hill.

Prestwick Golf Course

Prestwick golf course print Prestwick Golf Club is located in the town of Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland. It is approximately 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. Prestwick is a classic links golf course, being built on the rolling sandy land that "links" the beach and the land further inland. The course is located near the Prestwick airport and some holes run along railway tracks on the eastern side of the course.

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