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These beautiful art pieces are made by artists who care passionately about creating unique and bespoke pieces of contemporary art.

Glass Art

Life Tree Art on Glass These beautiful glass art images are produced by painting on both sides of the glass panel - the front using a range of relief mediums in a variety of textures and colours which is hand painted - and the reverse side comprising the background colours which is painted using various airbrush techniques or in some cases the background is a tartan cloth. They are produced by various artists in the UK and all come mounted.

Glass Art

Scotland Map on Glass
$72 Scotland Map on Glass
3 tone thistle
$72Thistle 3 toned knotted
silver thistle
$72Thistle silver
silver lion
$72 Silver lion
$72 Thistle silver 2
$72Thistle 3 toned
goldish thistle
$72Golden thistle
Life tree
$72Life Tree