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These books are an wonderful way of reading and learning more about Scotland, its history, humour and life and are a delightful gift for anyone.

Scottish Golf Book

scottish golf book Golf is a Scottish game. It has been played by the Scots for centuries and Scotland is its spiritual and cultural home. This is a book devoted to one nation's devotion to a game of stick and ball which has bound its countrymen in a spell, and today casts its enchantment over the entire world. The Scottish Golf Book is a unique account of golf in its traditional home. The beginnings of golf and its early development are shrouded in mystery and are part fact and part fable. The Scottish Golf Book separates one from the other as it traces the early history of "golf" from the point where it emerged from its ancient genesis on the east coast of Scotland, through to the multimillion dollar, world-wide obsession it has become today. Images from the earliest days of Scottish photography recall titanic battles on the links between the early superstars of the game, while the modern lens transports the reader on a spectacular and magical journey around the historic, the classic, and the hidden treasures of Scotland's finest courses. Golfers will love this coffee table book.

$32.02 hardback

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