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These exquisitely collectable and highly detailed handcrafted bird sculptures are made from pewter in the highlands of Scotland to the highest standard and quality. The sculptures are created and hand made by the renowned Pewter Artists Tony Brown (A.R.Brown) and Terry Brown (T.S.Brown).

Flying Duck

rising duck sculptureDuck is the common name for a large number of species in the Anatidae family of birds. Ducks are mostly aquatic birds and may be found in both fresh water and sea water. Some duck species, mainly those breeding in the temperate and Arctic Northern Hemisphere, are migratory; those in the tropics, however, are generally not.

Approx 65mm in height (varies between models) $137

From the collection of renowned Pewter Artists Tony Brown and Terry Brown

pheasant sculpture
$137 Pheasant
hovering kingfisher sculpture
falcon sculpture
kingfisher sculpture
barn owl sculpture
$137Barn owl